Episode 25 Outdoors Inside

An easy listening podcast this week as I take a mini tour round the Outdoor Show hosted at the NEC in Birmingham England. We talk Bushcraft, walking, animal tracking and generally how to get out and enjoy the natural environment around you.

..Also a big Thank You to Giles of KYO Internet for all his help in hosting my podcast.

Listen and watch the mpeg

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MrHunnybun said...

Well, I've ordered a Shewee as a present for my wife. I'm sure she will be thrilled.

Hope you will do some more shows on Bushcraft soon.

Anonymous said...

Nice Job Christian, I too went to the Wilderness Camp by Bushcraftmagazine.com and Girlguiding - wow what a stand, trees, water, tipi, flatscreen, radio mic's, giveaways, talks, demos and what a great magazine on bushcraft.

I saw the Ray Mears talk too, what a guy, bought a book by Max and am looking forward to getting out with it and following some tracks. I also got to meet Simon the editor of Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine, a really nice guy who really knows his stuff!