Episode 33 - Billing Land Rover Show 2007

A little off roading in a Series Two Land Rover at Billing Land Rover Show, Northampton, England.


Episode 32 - The Larmer Tree Festival

In a wet kind of way, Summer is upon us. Somehow though one festival always seems to survive the worst of the weather under a bubble of good vibes and great music from across the globe.

Here is a random collection of moments from this years Larmer Tree Festival. I left out all the typical shots of the big name bands from the Jazz, world, and folk music scenes and instead wanted to give you a glimpse of the people and sites surrounding the magic that is the Larmer Tree festival.

Special thanks go to the Glowglobes and Billy Bragg for kind permission to use their music.


Episode 31 - Taking Liberties

I pop to the cinema to see 'Taking Liberties'. A British documentary about the gradual stripping away of our civil liberties by Tony Blair's government.

For more information please visit No Liberties

and.. Basic Civil Liberties

and.. Things YOU can do

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