Financial Showdown

Meet Martin Summers, the Former East European projects officer for the New Economics Foundation as he tells us a little of what is happening in the world of finance at the moment.

I got a call from a friend a few months back telling me I should speak to this guy as he is predicting all sorts of interesting stuff. A long while later and shortly before things started hitting the mainstream media I finally hook up with him and do a short interview with the kind assistance of a Twitter friend Richard.

I am thinking that if I had done the interview way back when first recommended, I would have appeared pretty prophetic.



Episode 36 - Two chats at PodcampUK

In this episode I meet Richard Rudin and Glyn Wintle in Birmingham at the amazing unConference that was PodcampUK

Richard Rudin is a senior lecturer on journalism at John Moores University in Liverpool and Glyn Wintle is from the Open Rights Group.

We talk about the state of Journalism in the UK today, give a heads up to Jeremy Paxman, discuss how politicians react to 'real people', touch apon independent journalism, Electronic Voting and preserving our civil liberties in the digital world.

Richards podcast can be found at www.Rudinpodcast.libsyn.com, The Open Rights Group are at www.openrightsgroup.org and the little song I sneak in at the end is by Josh Woodward entitled 'The Wrong side Of The Revolution.'

If you have not subscribed to the podcast (free) in Itunes already, you can listen to the mp3 here