Episode 20 - Mark Thomas

Meet Mark Thomas. Comedian, protester, activist and now author.

Join me on a trip to one of his sold out gigs and afterwards, a few snatched words with the man himself.

There is more of his work here:
A protest Clip
A Surveillance Clip
The Dispatches Programme
Marks Website

The song I played was called Cows With Guns By Dana Lyons

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Episode 19 - Those Who Face Death

I am having a play at making a video podcast..

Last year I took a trip with a friend, to one country sliding into civil war and another that isn't allowed to exist.

We crossed into Iraq from Turkey, over the internationally recognised border, moving from the fringes of Europe to the Middle East. But southern Turkey is a Kurdish area, and so is northern Iraq. Ask any Kurd and they'll say you've been in the same country all along; Kurdistan.....

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Episode 18 - Vox Pop

'The Voice of the people'.

Having been given a selection of questions from my US listeners, I tried to find a small cross section of the UK population to answer them as honestly as possible.

Some of the answers I got back surprised me. Not because of the opinions but because of who actually harboured these opinions.. I would like to stress that the answers I got back do not necessarily reflect the opinion of myself or this podcast although some of the opinions are pretty close to the mark.

Also, please do not confuse these answers here with the voice of the majority of British public. I had wanted to ask for contributions from more people but in the end had to settle for five as I wanted to keep the podcast at around an hour in length.

The people kind enough to give me a few moments of their time were:

Dave, ex Royal Air Force and now the manager of a print shop.

Donna, mother and assistant manager of a photographic supplies.

Alan, Owner and manager of a stationary store.

Pete, Professional musician and owner of a recording studio.

Paul assistant head teacher of a London secondary school.

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World Wide Listeners.

As I sit here in little ol' England I am pleased to say there have been people listening to my podcast from afar afield as:

Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Chile, China, Colombia, Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romainia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Seychelles, South Africa, Serbia and Montenegro, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syrian Arab Republic, Taiwan, Thailand, The United Arab Emirates, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, USA, Venezuela and Vietnam.Including England this is only sixty six out of approximately 335 recognized countries and territories so although I am amazed how many people in far off places have found me, it could still be a while before I proclaim a world wide listenership. :)

I myself spent a good many years travelling to around 56 countries and I would love to hear from any listeners from weird and wonderful places I know nothing about.

It's interesting to see with it's massive population there is still no one in China that has logged on.. I guess they must be using Google ;)


Episode 17 - Protest Music

Chasing Rainbows - Mi Projekt
Maybe not - Cat Power
Anthrax - Kimya Dawson
Pictures Of Adolf - Jim O'Rourke and Glenn Kotche
Baghdad Suite - 1,000 Paper Cranes
Jacobs Ladder - Chumbawamba
Buisiness - Stephen Smith
Special Delivery - MC Frontalot
Bombs away Lock and Load - Hugh Birdsall

All the Music in this podcast is supplied with kind permission.

Check out Mi Projekt

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Episode 16 - Power to The People

Imagine fueling your car whilst bypassing the oil companies and being more environmentally frendly at the same time. Sound too good to be true.

In this podcast we meet the guy who can make it happen.

Mark Sear is one of the first few to take biodiesel production out of it's underground hiding place and into the light of a brighter cheaper and ultimately greener future.
UK Fuel Tech

Filling Stations

Make your own biodiesel

US BioDiesel Info

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Many thanks to Sarah Bear for the use of her song 'Power To The People'. You can find her here... Sarah Bear


New Media Revolutionaries

There is a new forum just started for podcasters and fans of podcasting a like.

Set up by the Progressive Podcasting Network (of which i am a member) you can find the forum here...


Do please check it out and join in the discussion.


Episode 15 - David Icke (Part Two)

Pamela Icke, David's wife says a few words introduction about the plight David is currently in and the rest of this podcast is another quality hour taken from David Icke's Brixton Talk.

Once again I have found it difficult to find audio that is not making a direct reference to the visuals that accompany David's talk but if you watch the enhanced version of the podcast you will see a few pix I have managed to include.

More information on David's situation here... http://www.davidicke.com/content/view/1772/1772/

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Episode 14 - Don't Dismiss David Icke

David Icke, former sportsman, commentator and now, professional researcher travelling the world giving talks and writing books on who and what is really controlling our world.

His beliefs have made him the subject of ridicule for over 15 years. But has the tide turned?

David Icke is now a highly sought after orator with venues selling out over the world as people pack venues to hear his lectures.

In this podcast I just offer a glimpse into his incredible 6 hour lectures. I made the recordings at Brixton Academy while also taking photos.

Without the visual aspect of his lectures I have had to edit this as many of the references to the screen don't make sense without the pictures.

If you would like to hear more of the lecture please email me at podcast@documentally.com

David Icke's work can be found on www.davidicke.com as can the full DVD set of his lectures.

David Icke is in a situation and needs help, you can find more here... http://www.davidicke.com/content/view/1772/1772/

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Episode 13 - Sail Away

Recently I have been getting away from it all.

So from a mountain villa in Spain I ponder feedback from the last interview.. Talk about a couple of podcasts I really like and introduce you to the ukulele as played by Dr Sparkles in the song 'Sail Away'.

Podcasts I talk a little about can be found here..

The War On Democracy

Citizen Against Lies

Watch It Burn

You can subscribe to them all on itunes, please take a look.

And as I said, the featured song is 'Sail Away' by Dr Sparkles.
Included here by kind permission, please take the time to check out his website and other tunes that you can listen to online!


The lyrics are HERE


Episode 12 - Haw's Law

Not an anti war protester but a peace campaigner. Meet Brian Haw, A hobo hero that demands you listen to what he has to say.

For five years he has slept outside the houses of parliament under a piece of plastic. He tells those with the power things they don't want to hear. Tired and horse he has upset the government so much, they created a law just for him.

Reluctantly famous he sits on his island and conducts interviews with the world on his mobile phone. At the same time in Mexico priests throw bricks at the windows of radio stations in an attempt to quiet his harsh words.

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Visit Brian's website at http://www.parliament-square.org.uk/

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Episode 11 - Love Laughs At Locksmiths

People have been picking locks since the invention of the chastity belt.

Meet Mick Hanzlik, an associate member of the inner magic circle, an expert on the greatest escapologist ever to have lived and working in what he belives to be the second oldest profession of all time, locksmithing.

We talk about the life and death of Houdini, how the authorities manage to pop in when you pop out and how some modern day escapologists no matter how skilled, just can't escape their ego's.

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More info:
The Magic Circle


Episode 10 - Shamanism and other paths

Fancy a worldwide revolution of spirit?

Meet Martin Pollecoff. In the 70's he sold enlightenment for £169. We talk about the myth of Castaneda, the secret of happiness and how enlightenment can get you laid, but might not make you happy.

There has been a bit of a gap between this podcast and the last. I had never planned on a weekly release but the way things are going I may have to think about a monthly.. :) I have been moving my office and computer from room to room as the electrics and plumbing in my house get re-vamped. Chaos. Still here we are. Please leave a comment so i know you are still out there...

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To read more info from Martin please click HERE

If you don't want to leave a comment you can always leave an email..


Episode 09 - A Musical Interlude.

I have been busy with house renovations and work stuff this week. In amongst the chaos I have managed to line up a couple of potential interviews that will require a bit or organisation, travel and a whole lot of luck.

To keep you going this week I have recorded a special edition musical interlude. So I am just checking in really, to see if there is anyone out there. Also included in this weeks recording are a couple of promos and a song called 'Fuzzy' from an old band I used to be in called Koniguan.

Please take the time to leave a comment below. Your feedback is always apreciated.

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Episode 08 - Speed Demon

Meet Colin, speed demon, propulsions engineer, record breaker.

Colin and his team drove into the record books at over 300 miles per hour breaking the British land speed record in 1999.

They are so bored waiting for someone to challenge it that they are planning to break it again.

In the mean time he built an electric streamliner and also challenges the world electric land speed record.

Two weeks after smashing the British record, Northamptonshire police sent Colin on a speed awareness course for doing 34 miles an hour.

I personally think he is more than just a little aware of what speed is.

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Episode 07 - Josh

I just found out about a friends death.

He was a great musician able to play anything you put infront of him. I am glad he managed to record some of his music for those left behind.

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Episode 06 - Ken Dodd & Spacemen 3

For this podcast we are in the company of Will Carruthers, musician, fugitive, amateur botanist and if you don't buy his new album... Creative accountant.

Ken Dodd and Spacemen 3 are some of the topics discussed and to top it all there is an acoustic version of 'Van Fever Incident'.

Will's site is at WillCarruthers.com where you can also find all the details of his new album 'Home Improvement For Condemned Buildings.'

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Episode 05 - Podcast Blues

It's been a mad week with me having to email photos to publications all around the world. As a result, I have had little time to prepare my normal 20-30 minute podcast. :)
This podcast does however include a song recorded at the end of epsode 4's interview with Tree. It's a simple Blues track jammed and recorded in one take.

I hope you enjoy it...

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Episode 04 - Mood Swings

Bipolar disorder (aka manic depression)

Our moods are rarely completely stable, if they were the world would be a very boring place. Feeling happy and sad is important. Much of our self learning is done by comparing one against the other.

It's not the recurring pattern of these moods that causes problems, it's the severity. In bipolar disorder aka Manic Depression the mood swings aren't like the normal highs and lows of daily life. It's characterised by extreme mood swings, from deep depression to extreme elation. These severe highs and lows may alternate, or there may be long periods of stability between them. Some people with Bipolar suffer mainly from depression, with only occasional manic phases.

During a manic or high phase, people feel enormously energetic and powerful and tend to become hyperactive, going without sleep and starting totally unrealistic schemes or projects. Some people find they're very creative. However, problems arise when the mood spins out of control and the person behaves in ways that they later find deeply embarrassing. It's quite common for someone to lose touch with reality and, for example, run up enormous debts or invite total strangers to their home. There can also be unfortunate consequences of decisions taken while very high in mood.

The depressive phase is similar to other forms of depression. It's characterised by a lack of energy and interest in life, low self-esteem, and feelings of guilt and despair. Sometimes the person will be suicidal.

In this episode we meet 'Tree', I will leave it to the listener to decide which phase they think he is in right now. He speaks openly and frankly about how Bipolar Disorder has and still is affecting him. One minute he is completing highly paid design contracts for top London agencies and the next he manages to spend a years wages in three months on alcohol alone.

The exact causes of bipolar disorder aren't known, but stressful life events, unresolvable problems, or emotional damage in childhood may play a part, possibly combined with genetic factors.

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If you find any of the subjects covered in this podcast effect or relate to you and your life please visit the following links for more information:







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Episode 03 - A Woman At War

Meet Lilian, an environmental activist and a professional at that. A woman with a mission up against much bigger powers than herself.

She represents a town half asleep and only barely aware of the threat she proclaims is killing them off one by one.

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Episode 02 - Frustrated Artists and The Daleks

The next installment of Documentally is now online to download. But if you have subscribed you would know that and infact already have it... Go on.. it's free. :)

In this episode...

Meet Max: a kindly, sentisitive soul without a mean streak. He lives and works in Rugby. He really wanted to be an artist, and almost still does. But he isn't. He repairs mobile phones. He likes the Darleks and isn't sure who he'd save from a burning building: Ziggy Stardust or Jesus.

Don't forget to email your thoughts and feedback so your listening experiance can be improved. Already my 'fat harry white' voice over is being slated. It was never meant to be taken seriously but I need to think about where it is placed as it can sound really pathetic.

Feel free to send me your own voice overs and trailers saying... "You are listening to Documentally.com".. or what not.." Hi my name is....... and your listening to Documentally.com". All impersonations of real life famous folk also appreciated..
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Episode 01 - An Introduction

PLEASE NOTE: Apples users browser 'Safari' won't let you download enhanced podcasts so please make sure you are browsing with any other browser... like firefox.

The first episode, also my first ever podcast, starts with an intro reasoning why I will no doubt be spending hours faffing about with software I know nothing about.

Although I initially sound like a smarmy politician I soon relax and tell you about what's to be expected as well as the kit I will be using for the job.

It is day one on a project with no idea how far it wants to go, so If you do want to steer things with suggestions and ideas please email your ideas and comments.

You could even just drop me a comment to say you have heard the podcast...


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I have had a few requests to add the lyrics for the song on the end of the podcast so here you go.. :)

Orwell Country by RiotLove

I'm looking for the words. To sing along with friends.

Now-a-days step out of line and their waiting round the bend.
There's not much left you can talk about so sneak it in a song, and if country's what i think it is why don't you sing along..

Alright! Sing along with me now, come on!

Please can you tell me somehow in this song. Please somebody tell me where this country's going wrong.

We got chips that go with everything and phone taps in our home, store cards do detective work much better than James Bond.

So tell me something different I think human rights are dead, we got cameras in our schools and ASBO's for our friends.

And then we got democracy, our votes are just a joke, if i could speak to Orwell you know he'd say "I told you so."

Well Bless you, if it wasn't so insane, this would be funny, thank you, Ye-har!


Welcome Potential Listener

Welcome to the new 'Documentally' podcast...

It's a full flavoured audio/visual production with photos and interviews.

Although it can be enjoyed on both your computer in quicktime or within itunes and the latest video ipods, if you want to download the lo-fi files you can also enjoy on a standard mp3 player.

About twelve episodes are planned but if there is interest there could well be more.

When not at the computer I will be out and about with a pocket digital recorder sticking it in the faces of the unsuspecting public and hoping to shed a glimmer of light on the workings of the average everyday persons mind.