Episode 16 - Power to The People

Imagine fueling your car whilst bypassing the oil companies and being more environmentally frendly at the same time. Sound too good to be true.

In this podcast we meet the guy who can make it happen.

Mark Sear is one of the first few to take biodiesel production out of it's underground hiding place and into the light of a brighter cheaper and ultimately greener future.
UK Fuel Tech

Filling Stations

Make your own biodiesel

US BioDiesel Info

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Many thanks to Sarah Bear for the use of her song 'Power To The People'. You can find her here... Sarah Bear


New Media Revolutionaries

There is a new forum just started for podcasters and fans of podcasting a like.

Set up by the Progressive Podcasting Network (of which i am a member) you can find the forum here...


Do please check it out and join in the discussion.


Episode 15 - David Icke (Part Two)

Pamela Icke, David's wife says a few words introduction about the plight David is currently in and the rest of this podcast is another quality hour taken from David Icke's Brixton Talk.

Once again I have found it difficult to find audio that is not making a direct reference to the visuals that accompany David's talk but if you watch the enhanced version of the podcast you will see a few pix I have managed to include.

More information on David's situation here... http://www.davidicke.com/content/view/1772/1772/

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