Episode 26 Bilderberg - A Video Introduction

Meet Tony Gosling.. Journalist, researcher and the man behind the website www.bilderberg.org.
He gives a quick rundown on the history of the secret meeting that happens once a year behind a curtain of security agencies and press blackouts.

Could the Bilderberg group really be the secret rulers of the world?

Check out Bilderberg.org for more info.


Anonymous said...

Man! is this all for real?

This is scary shit man.

Anonymous said...

From Statism to Freeman

I agree with what you're saying NWO, WTO, Bilderberg Group etc, and there are so many more. I’ve learned a lot from you but, Democracy? Is democracy a form of statism? Absolute power, corrupts, absolutely. Democracy means mob rule! The majority has the right over the individual. That’s how we got into this mess, through voting ourselves rights. What is a right? Is it not sanction of independent action! Do I have the right to scratch my bum? In a democracy, the group could vote to make that illegal. That is why the Bill of Right in the Constitution of the United States is supposed to be a Republic. The rule of law, limited government, enumerated power. All the groups you talk about control the world are narcisstic, egocentric, communist, fascist, nazi, and democrats are all forms of statism. Blame blame blame is the name of the game, smoke and mirrors. We need individual accountability. Those men and woman in those groups are individuals. We need individual rights to hold those in contempt of our liberties. Then, and only then, will there be justice. Right now those group members say it’s just us, that control. Where is the justice for humanity? We rule in my opinion, they need an epistemological house cleaning. “The land is ours”