Episode 24 Alien Implant?

Meet Steve, 33 years ago he was cycling to a friends house and lost one hour fortyfive minutes of his life.

He remembers nothing, but noticed he had acquired a lump under the skin of his left forearm.

To him it was easy to explain. It was an alien implant. Having experienced strange happenings since he was 3 years old Steve is certain that things are not always as they seem and that we are most certainly not alone.


ohdearyme said...

Hey Christian..interesting. Like your blog spot too. You could try and submit it to -


Just made an award winnin doc myself on the labour party - called 'Slave Labour' when I get it online will give you the heads up...

Keep up the interesting work!

Becki x

Anonymous said...

I really like this one, but I wish it had been about 30 minutes longer. : )
I wonder why it first occurred to him it was "aliens" when I would have assumed the government had captured me and installed some kind of device to keep track of/follow me. Maybe he was an early test of the implanted ID chip. That's probably more likely.
Anyway good job, I'm glad you're making videos now too.

MrHunnybun said...

Look more like a hormone implant to me. Did he have shrunken gonads?

Hey, he only works up the road, I will go and look myself ;)

Always a bit weird that these things happen to people that are overly interested in it anyway. NOt that I am a cynic or anything...

Interesting podcast though, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Now I remember why I moved away from Rugby, the fumes from the cement works have sent all the towns occupants mad!

The Goober King