Episode 12 - Haw's Law

Not an anti war protester but a peace campaigner. Meet Brian Haw, A hobo hero that demands you listen to what he has to say.

For five years he has slept outside the houses of parliament under a piece of plastic. He tells those with the power things they don't want to hear. Tired and horse he has upset the government so much, they created a law just for him.

Reluctantly famous he sits on his island and conducts interviews with the world on his mobile phone. At the same time in Mexico priests throw bricks at the windows of radio stations in an attempt to quiet his harsh words.

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Visit Brian's website at http://www.parliament-square.org.uk/

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Episode 11 - Love Laughs At Locksmiths

People have been picking locks since the invention of the chastity belt.

Meet Mick Hanzlik, an associate member of the inner magic circle, an expert on the greatest escapologist ever to have lived and working in what he belives to be the second oldest profession of all time, locksmithing.

We talk about the life and death of Houdini, how the authorities manage to pop in when you pop out and how some modern day escapologists no matter how skilled, just can't escape their ego's.

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