Episode 03 - A Woman At War

Meet Lilian, an environmental activist and a professional at that. A woman with a mission up against much bigger powers than herself.

She represents a town half asleep and only barely aware of the threat she proclaims is killing them off one by one.

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Episode 02 - Frustrated Artists and The Daleks

The next installment of Documentally is now online to download. But if you have subscribed you would know that and infact already have it... Go on.. it's free. :)

In this episode...

Meet Max: a kindly, sentisitive soul without a mean streak. He lives and works in Rugby. He really wanted to be an artist, and almost still does. But he isn't. He repairs mobile phones. He likes the Darleks and isn't sure who he'd save from a burning building: Ziggy Stardust or Jesus.

Don't forget to email your thoughts and feedback so your listening experiance can be improved. Already my 'fat harry white' voice over is being slated. It was never meant to be taken seriously but I need to think about where it is placed as it can sound really pathetic.

Feel free to send me your own voice overs and trailers saying... "You are listening to Documentally.com".. or what not.." Hi my name is....... and your listening to Documentally.com". All impersonations of real life famous folk also appreciated..
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I am in the process of editing episode 02 which should be ready real soon.


Episode 01 - An Introduction

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The first episode, also my first ever podcast, starts with an intro reasoning why I will no doubt be spending hours faffing about with software I know nothing about.

Although I initially sound like a smarmy politician I soon relax and tell you about what's to be expected as well as the kit I will be using for the job.

It is day one on a project with no idea how far it wants to go, so If you do want to steer things with suggestions and ideas please email your ideas and comments.

You could even just drop me a comment to say you have heard the podcast...


Click Here ..to download the enhanced Documentally podcast episode one.

I have had a few requests to add the lyrics for the song on the end of the podcast so here you go.. :)

Orwell Country by RiotLove

I'm looking for the words. To sing along with friends.

Now-a-days step out of line and their waiting round the bend.
There's not much left you can talk about so sneak it in a song, and if country's what i think it is why don't you sing along..

Alright! Sing along with me now, come on!

Please can you tell me somehow in this song. Please somebody tell me where this country's going wrong.

We got chips that go with everything and phone taps in our home, store cards do detective work much better than James Bond.

So tell me something different I think human rights are dead, we got cameras in our schools and ASBO's for our friends.

And then we got democracy, our votes are just a joke, if i could speak to Orwell you know he'd say "I told you so."

Well Bless you, if it wasn't so insane, this would be funny, thank you, Ye-har!


Welcome Potential Listener

Welcome to the new 'Documentally' podcast...

It's a full flavoured audio/visual production with photos and interviews.

Although it can be enjoyed on both your computer in quicktime or within itunes and the latest video ipods, if you want to download the lo-fi files you can also enjoy on a standard mp3 player.

About twelve episodes are planned but if there is interest there could well be more.

When not at the computer I will be out and about with a pocket digital recorder sticking it in the faces of the unsuspecting public and hoping to shed a glimmer of light on the workings of the average everyday persons mind.