Episode 27 Bilderberg

Meet Tony Gosling, Journalist and reasearcher behind the website Bilderberg.org.
On one late evening in Bristol, Tony gives me a brief rundown on the shadowy group that attend one of the most well know and yet secret annual meetings in the world.

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For more information.. bilderberg.org


Episode 26 Bilderberg - A Video Introduction

Meet Tony Gosling.. Journalist, researcher and the man behind the website www.bilderberg.org.
He gives a quick rundown on the history of the secret meeting that happens once a year behind a curtain of security agencies and press blackouts.

Could the Bilderberg group really be the secret rulers of the world?

Check out Bilderberg.org for more info.


Episode 25 Outdoors Inside

An easy listening podcast this week as I take a mini tour round the Outdoor Show hosted at the NEC in Birmingham England. We talk Bushcraft, walking, animal tracking and generally how to get out and enjoy the natural environment around you.

..Also a big Thank You to Giles of KYO Internet for all his help in hosting my podcast.

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Episode 24 Alien Implant?

Meet Steve, 33 years ago he was cycling to a friends house and lost one hour fortyfive minutes of his life.

He remembers nothing, but noticed he had acquired a lump under the skin of his left forearm.

To him it was easy to explain. It was an alien implant. Having experienced strange happenings since he was 3 years old Steve is certain that things are not always as they seem and that we are most certainly not alone.