Episode 08 - Speed Demon

Meet Colin, speed demon, propulsions engineer, record breaker.

Colin and his team drove into the record books at over 300 miles per hour breaking the British land speed record in 1999.

They are so bored waiting for someone to challenge it that they are planning to break it again.

In the mean time he built an electric streamliner and also challenges the world electric land speed record.

Two weeks after smashing the British record, Northamptonshire police sent Colin on a speed awareness course for doing 34 miles an hour.

I personally think he is more than just a little aware of what speed is.

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Episode 07 - Josh

I just found out about a friends death.

He was a great musician able to play anything you put infront of him. I am glad he managed to record some of his music for those left behind.

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Episode 06 - Ken Dodd & Spacemen 3

For this podcast we are in the company of Will Carruthers, musician, fugitive, amateur botanist and if you don't buy his new album... Creative accountant.

Ken Dodd and Spacemen 3 are some of the topics discussed and to top it all there is an acoustic version of 'Van Fever Incident'.

Will's site is at WillCarruthers.com where you can also find all the details of his new album 'Home Improvement For Condemned Buildings.'

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Episode 05 - Podcast Blues

It's been a mad week with me having to email photos to publications all around the world. As a result, I have had little time to prepare my normal 20-30 minute podcast. :)
This podcast does however include a song recorded at the end of epsode 4's interview with Tree. It's a simple Blues track jammed and recorded in one take.

I hope you enjoy it...

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Episode 04 - Mood Swings

Bipolar disorder (aka manic depression)

Our moods are rarely completely stable, if they were the world would be a very boring place. Feeling happy and sad is important. Much of our self learning is done by comparing one against the other.

It's not the recurring pattern of these moods that causes problems, it's the severity. In bipolar disorder aka Manic Depression the mood swings aren't like the normal highs and lows of daily life. It's characterised by extreme mood swings, from deep depression to extreme elation. These severe highs and lows may alternate, or there may be long periods of stability between them. Some people with Bipolar suffer mainly from depression, with only occasional manic phases.

During a manic or high phase, people feel enormously energetic and powerful and tend to become hyperactive, going without sleep and starting totally unrealistic schemes or projects. Some people find they're very creative. However, problems arise when the mood spins out of control and the person behaves in ways that they later find deeply embarrassing. It's quite common for someone to lose touch with reality and, for example, run up enormous debts or invite total strangers to their home. There can also be unfortunate consequences of decisions taken while very high in mood.

The depressive phase is similar to other forms of depression. It's characterised by a lack of energy and interest in life, low self-esteem, and feelings of guilt and despair. Sometimes the person will be suicidal.

In this episode we meet 'Tree', I will leave it to the listener to decide which phase they think he is in right now. He speaks openly and frankly about how Bipolar Disorder has and still is affecting him. One minute he is completing highly paid design contracts for top London agencies and the next he manages to spend a years wages in three months on alcohol alone.

The exact causes of bipolar disorder aren't known, but stressful life events, unresolvable problems, or emotional damage in childhood may play a part, possibly combined with genetic factors.

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