Episode 23 Escapologists

Ok.. Don't shout at me for trying my hand at a video podcast. I acquired a funky little camera, (the Sanyo Xacti H2) and thought I would have a play..

I am still in two minds as to whether I want to go down the video route as sound just seems to be crap on these little cameras. Especially if you can't monitor anything you are doing! I would be loathed to go out and buy an all singing, all dancing camera even if I did have the cash.

Anyway.. Please join me as escapologists from all over the United Kingdom meet in Northampton one sunny day to restrain one another and dunk buscuits in tea. Houdini was there in spirit as well as memorabilia.

Click play below to view...


Mikeintightpants said...
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Anonymous said...

Cool! how do i join!!?

Unknown said...

Great video guys - sorry I couldn't be with you but hopefully next time, Mick's promised to let me know when it is. My old buddies Chris and Alex are becoming stars of the silver screen, well done guys. Nice SJ escape Dave Matkin, praps an arms-down jacket next time!!