Episode 08 - Speed Demon

Meet Colin, speed demon, propulsions engineer, record breaker.

Colin and his team drove into the record books at over 300 miles per hour breaking the British land speed record in 1999.

They are so bored waiting for someone to challenge it that they are planning to break it again.

In the mean time he built an electric streamliner and also challenges the world electric land speed record.

Two weeks after smashing the British record, Northamptonshire police sent Colin on a speed awareness course for doing 34 miles an hour.

I personally think he is more than just a little aware of what speed is.

Listen and watch the mpeg

Listen to the mp3


Anonymous said...

Interesting guy. Where do you find all of your interviewees from? You must have a very strange collection of friends :)

Anonymous said...

Sound as a pound..
Will you do a podcast when he goes for the Electric record?

Anonymous said...

Great Podcast. Is the 'Vampire' jet car the same car that Richard Hammond crashed?