Episode 09 - A Musical Interlude.

I have been busy with house renovations and work stuff this week. In amongst the chaos I have managed to line up a couple of potential interviews that will require a bit or organisation, travel and a whole lot of luck.

To keep you going this week I have recorded a special edition musical interlude. So I am just checking in really, to see if there is anyone out there. Also included in this weeks recording are a couple of promos and a song called 'Fuzzy' from an old band I used to be in called Koniguan.

Please take the time to leave a comment below. Your feedback is always apreciated.

Listen and watch the mpeg

Listen to the mp3


Anonymous said...

Hey, good series of podcasts so far. Keep it up. :o)
I especially like Max

Anonymous said...

Don't leave it here. It's been great so far.


Anonymous said...

Keep the podcast going man. I am looking forward to the next. My ipod lives for entertainment like this.