Episode 02 - Frustrated Artists and The Daleks

The next installment of Documentally is now online to download. But if you have subscribed you would know that and infact already have it... Go on.. it's free. :)

In this episode...

Meet Max: a kindly, sentisitive soul without a mean streak. He lives and works in Rugby. He really wanted to be an artist, and almost still does. But he isn't. He repairs mobile phones. He likes the Darleks and isn't sure who he'd save from a burning building: Ziggy Stardust or Jesus.

Don't forget to email your thoughts and feedback so your listening experiance can be improved. Already my 'fat harry white' voice over is being slated. It was never meant to be taken seriously but I need to think about where it is placed as it can sound really pathetic.

Feel free to send me your own voice overs and trailers saying... "You are listening to Documentally.com".. or what not.." Hi my name is....... and your listening to Documentally.com". All impersonations of real life famous folk also appreciated..
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Anonymous said...

Man, that Max guy sounds posh. In fact he sounds like no-one i have ever heard before.

Anonymous said...

You gotta love The Doctor!