Meeting Bill

How cool is this..?

Thanks to the wonders of blogging and the fact there are people that do actually read my blog on OurManInside.com Bill a podcasting friend from the Florida Soap Box and also the Progressive Podcast Network (PPN) managed to hook up with me for a brief hello at Texas airport where we were getting picked up by our friend Kity Kity aka Susan.

For each of us it is the first time we had met a member of the PPN in the flesh and a great welcome for me to see a familiar face and hear a voice I have listened to for ages.

Myself and Phil Campbell are the guests of Kity Kity in Wylie, Texas before we head down to the interactive extravaganza that is South By South West (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, about 3-4 hours south of here.

Make sure you check out Bills blog at http://filthandthefury.blogspot.com/
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He is a really decent guy and I hope we can grab a beer together soon!

p.s. I recorded a podcast on the plane over.. I will try to get it online as soon as.. :)


kitykity said...

Decent pic... though it's a bit crooked... and I almost cut off his elbow ;)

Anonymous said...

Hope you had fun at SXSW! I am hoping (perhaps optimistically) that you got enough material for a long overdue podcast? ;)