Up and coming Projects.

OK, I am upping the stakes now as in a few weeks I hope to be flying out to Jordon to do a podcast on refugees fleeing Iraq.

To do it properly I would really like to get my hands on the best possible digital
SLR on the market today. In my mind (as a Nikon user with a heap of lenses) this has to be the Nikon D3.

This is a whole heap of camera costing a whole heap of money (over £3000) and although I stand a good chance of bothering a few of my podcast listeners and blog readers, I would like to ask everyone out there this..

If you are in a position to help sponsor me in my quest to acquire the best tool for the job please do so by either donating/sponsoring what you can (see the little box on the right) and you can be sure to receive my heart felt thanks and gratitude as i promise to do a good job in raising awareness and taking pictures that may well change lives.

I am a hand-to-mouth photographer and would appreciate any financial assistance or even a heads up as to where and how I can purchase a Nikon D3 in a market place that seems to be snapping them up before they hit the shelves.

Sincerely thanking You in advance.



FrF.Kmeron said...

I'm not wealthy enough to help u right now, but as a nikonist, I agree with u about the D3!!!

Sorry I can't donate.. the more I could do is might ask my favorite photo shop in Luxembourg if they can scale down the price, knowing that it's usually already cheaper in Luxembourg (or netherdlands)..

Cheers in the meantime & u know we'll listen to ur podcast and won't bother us c'mon :)


Christian said...

Thanks for the comment Vince.. That was super quick.. :)

danny payne said...

i hope you get all you deserve, and you deserve it all

Bruce Robbins said...


That's an interesting juxtaposition: an appeal for funds to buy a D3 right after a podcast about freeganism. I'm wondering if you really need the D3 or if it's just a bit of gas (gear acquisition sydrome). What are you using at present for your podcasts and why do you need the D3? What benefits would anyone see since the quality of video in podcasts is never terribly high?


Christian said...

Hi Bruce, Thanks for the comment.
Yes it is an interesting Juxtaposition and I hadn't even thought about it till your comment. Perhaps because I am not a practicing Freegan. :)

Primarily I am a photographer and although i do use images in my podcast, for my bigger projects i am often asked to produce the best quality images that are possible with the present digital technology.

For me the camera is just a tool and i am much happier working with the best tool i can. If i were only shooting for podcasts I could do so with a mobile phone. For my work on refugees though i have been asked to produce gallery quality file sizes from raw digital images shot in low light.

Something the D3 is renowned for, especially over my present equipment.

Thanks for your interest,


Christian said...

Hi again Bruce. I just took a look at your blog and i see you are a purist when it comes to photography.

I too occasionally like to use film and have some great old glass i still like to use. Unfortunately the fast turn arounds and short deadlines i am subjected to don't allow me to take my time over film.
That said I truly hope film never stops being made and used.


Bruce Robbins said...

Low light and big images? I can see the appeal of the D3 for you now. From what I've seen, the high ISO performance looks incredible. I use a Pentax K10D which has OK but not great high ISO performance. That's why I've started to use Tri-X rated at 1250 ISO and developed in Diafine for low light black and white work.

I think it would be a great idea if you picked up a Konica Hexar AF from Ebay (around £250 and with a superb 35mm f2 lens) loaded it up with Tri-X and took that with you. It might produce some different-looking images for the gallery and, after all, real men use black and white! ;-)


Christian said...

Hi Bruce,

I would love nothing more than to have the quality and look of film for the project. I have a Leica M6 and a handfull of lens which I got for a steal second hand and doubt I would ever part with.

Recently I took it to a meeting I had with a Magnum snapper in Holland and the simple snaps i took out there give me more pleasure to look at that 90% of my recently shot stuff. The problem for me arises in transporting and finally scanning the film.

A while ago in Sudan I took an FM2 with a 135 f2 and a couple of other lenses only to have the film dragged through about 6 x-ray machines before I got home. I could certainly see issues on my faster films and it really put me off shooting film on some of the longer haul flights. It also took me about two weeks to scan my negs.

I really do think that the D3 is the be all and end all for me. Especially after reading this article..


I have managed to get my hands on a loan D300 which is amazing but I am still holding out for the availability to get better on the D3.

Saying that.. I have just been looking through some negs and you have inspired me to find out if there is a drum scanner knocking about in the local area that I can get use of. :)