Episode 37 - A Ramble

This Episode is a slight diversion from my normal format.. It's just quite literally a ramble. While out with the dog I thought it a good excuse to record an update on what has been happening recently, plus do a mini micro test of a new field recorder, the Zoom H2.

I also give a heads up to a few people I respect and admire and accidentally throw the ball at my dogs head. (She's fine).

So although different to my normal format.. it's still recorded live and without a net, or script and unfortunately.. gloves.

Please email comments support and coordinates to any hidden stashes of cash to the normal address.

Please check out these great places belonging to a couple of the people I am talking about..www.deekdeekster.com and..


Also, I have big thanks and respect going to Giles of Kyomedia Who against all odds has once again saved the documentally podcast from certain doom.

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Anonymous said...

Phew, you had me worried there for a while. I thought your podcasts were gone for ever.

Anonymous said...

That stuff at the end man realy freaked me out.. :p

Ally said...

last 15 seconds sounded like something out of a horror movie!!

all goo though x