Talking George Orwell with Blair at our feet.

We stand at the end of the reign of Britain's least favorite prime minister Tony Blair, at the same time standing in the rain at the grave of Eric Arthur Blair, English novelist, essayist and critic. You probably know him as George Orwell, famous for his political satires Animal farm and the world renowned '1984'.

I am joined by John Perivolaris editorial and fine art photographer as we reflect on the Blair age of big brother and the other Blair that had the foresight to write about it nearly sixty years ago.

Oh yes.. and it was Orwell's birthday.

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Thanks go to Lone Pigeon for the tunes.


Anonymous said...

Great film thank you. Great music too..

Deek Deekster said...

hello again - I'm a fan of your work, but you're wrong about Blair. Thatcher was far, far more unpopular than Blair was/is, even after the "Weapons of Mass Distraction" fiasco. She was absolutely loathed and despised by the 60% who voted against her at every opportunity, whose communities she ravaged. Blair is merely pitied as the poodle of Bush and the enemy of real freedom.

Christian said...

Hi Deek, Thanks.

You may be right.

I thought the same thing as you but not so after a quick search. Far be it for me to think that the web is always right but I do think people are all to quick to forget. It seems at this moment in time the web polls have Blair as the most hated.. And anyway.. That sounded better that the second most hated.. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. I can't believe how good your podcast always are. Some of the best content on the web. It seems tragic that there wasn't a lot of people at the grave site that morning, I mean it's Orwell for God's sake! Cheers.


Christian said...

Thank you muchly Jesse. You are too kind. And thank You for taking the time to listen..
I know what you are saying about the grave.. If it was Jim Morrisons it woud have been packed. :)