Episode 21 - The Conversation

Eavesdrop on three people in a very noisy pub. All podcasters, one the voice of the toaster from Red Dwarf, another who wishes to remain anonymous. Through differing opinions, we talk about podcasting and the corporations, politics, spiritual truth and the shadowy figures that may, or may not fashion the societies we live in.

A few beers later after talk of Secret societies, Bush, Blair and hopes for the future, I head for home.. and nearly don't make it.

I know it has been a while since my last podcast and thank you to those that are still subscribed and listening. This one, although recorded late last year, is something I really wanted to put out there as it was not planned and happened on the fly over a couple of beers with new found friends.

When i found the recording still on my digital recorder stuffed in a plastic bag, in a box, under a pile of stored junk, I just had to stick it in a podcast straight away. What you hear at the beginning of the podcast is the moment i found my recorder.

It was a very noisy and packed pub but with headphones on, I feel the background will fade to a familiar murmur as you too have a drink and join in the discussion.

I hope you will agree that although this recording is a couple of months old, it is still valid and though things have moved on a little politically, the undercurrents are still swirling the same way.

Please feel free to leave comments below. It's always great to hear from you.
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Unknown said...

Once again, worth the wait.
Fascinating discussion. Nancy and I listened today on a long drive home.
I thought it was both funny and ironic that these two guys questioned your placing an importance on doing "man in the street" interviews while never questioning your interest in them. That was the one thing they had in common.
What was not so funny and ironic was that a night of lofty discussion about who controls the world would end in such a very real and frightening dose of reality for you. Glad you're alright.
I'd be very intrested in listening to the Brit guy's podcast, not so much in the magician's. Any chance you could send me his feed address? I was particularly interested in his insistance on fact checking, something we don't always do in our podcast.
Wake Up AM podcast

Anonymous said...

Great podcast. Any chance of a reference to the stealth bomber being around in thE 1950s. I thought it was made of composite carbon fibre which wasn't developed then.

Pleased you weren't mugged.You need to get yourself a Taser :)

Christian said...

Could he have meant that 'Stealth' technology existed since the 50's?

Research in antidetection technology began soon after radar was invented.

During World War II, the Germans coated their U-boat snorkels with radar-absorbent material.

Anonymous said...

if you think things come in 3´s, what you are actually doing is providing the cosmos with thought to act, you will create something to happen, like the person who is afriad of being robbed and then is robbed...

Christian said...

I don't know about "providing the cosmos with thought to act".. I could perhaps be convinced into believing that psychologically I am laying myself open to all possibilities and therefore self prophesizing. This could then steer the subconscious into certain paths I am drawn to due to the dread of them.