Episode 20 - Mark Thomas

Meet Mark Thomas. Comedian, protester, activist and now author.

Join me on a trip to one of his sold out gigs and afterwards, a few snatched words with the man himself.

There is more of his work here:
A protest Clip
A Surveillance Clip
The Dispatches Programme
Marks Website

The song I played was called Cows With Guns By Dana Lyons

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Anonymous said...

Cows with Guns!
I have well and truly laughed my ass off! :p

Anonymous said...

good work, great subject and i liked the song used. nearly wet myself at the end though.

Anonymous said...

It's incredible what our governments get away with. All the deceit and funding of immoral wars. (As if any war can be moral).
Wherever there is money to be made the rules will be bent and eventually a deal will be done costing human lives in the process.

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Anonymous said...

What a great match..
Thanks for tracking him down for us, I've missed his touring..
Thanks Chris.. keep it up!

Christian said...

Thanks Xave.. and Markus, John PG, J and Rob. your comments mean alot to me. :)
Oh and Matthew, thanks heaps for including me in your project..