Episode 19 - Those Who Face Death

I am having a play at making a video podcast..

Last year I took a trip with a friend, to one country sliding into civil war and another that isn't allowed to exist.

We crossed into Iraq from Turkey, over the internationally recognised border, moving from the fringes of Europe to the Middle East. But southern Turkey is a Kurdish area, and so is northern Iraq. Ask any Kurd and they'll say you've been in the same country all along; Kurdistan.....

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Anonymous said...

Wow. where else cani find stuff like this. I am blown away.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. My first vidcast and i am liking it alot.
Loads of information.
(Just to let you know i found your website from the credits as someone sent me a link to your film in an email.)

Anonymous said...

I have been brought right up to date in a subject i thought i knew a little about. Honest and consise, thank you.

Anonymous said...

i was directed to your vidcast by shelly who does citizen against lies, an excellent recommendation an di have only listened to this one and look forward to goin through the back catalogue, as a british citizen it is good to see more people doing podcasting on the contraversial subjects from the uk, and giving a non-american openness that is refreshing, hope you are well, take care craig

Anonymous said...

I caught this through Dave Rabbit's site. Powerful stuff, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for drawing attention to this issue. I am involved with promoting Kurdish human rights and found this to be a very accessible documentary. The only point which I'd dispute is where you mention that Kurds were all in favour of the US invasion of Iraq. This was the case among Iraqi Kurds but certainly not among Kurds from Turkey (which outnumbers those in Iraqi Kurdistan) and among the Kurdish diaspora. Nonetheless this a very well-researched and well-produced film.

If anyone would like more information about the Kurdish situation, you may be interested in Kurdish Human Rights Project - www.khrp.org

Christian said...

Thankyou for your comment, yes i should have said the Kurds of that region..
Keep up the good work.