Episode 18 - Vox Pop

'The Voice of the people'.

Having been given a selection of questions from my US listeners, I tried to find a small cross section of the UK population to answer them as honestly as possible.

Some of the answers I got back surprised me. Not because of the opinions but because of who actually harboured these opinions.. I would like to stress that the answers I got back do not necessarily reflect the opinion of myself or this podcast although some of the opinions are pretty close to the mark.

Also, please do not confuse these answers here with the voice of the majority of British public. I had wanted to ask for contributions from more people but in the end had to settle for five as I wanted to keep the podcast at around an hour in length.

The people kind enough to give me a few moments of their time were:

Dave, ex Royal Air Force and now the manager of a print shop.

Donna, mother and assistant manager of a photographic supplies.

Alan, Owner and manager of a stationary store.

Pete, Professional musician and owner of a recording studio.

Paul assistant head teacher of a London secondary school.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic, I loved. It was refreshing to hear some interviews from people in your part of the world. Keep up the good work.