Episode 15 - David Icke (Part Two)

Pamela Icke, David's wife says a few words introduction about the plight David is currently in and the rest of this podcast is another quality hour taken from David Icke's Brixton Talk.

Once again I have found it difficult to find audio that is not making a direct reference to the visuals that accompany David's talk but if you watch the enhanced version of the podcast you will see a few pix I have managed to include.

More information on David's situation here... http://www.davidicke.com/content/view/1772/1772/

Listen and watch the mpeg

Listen to the mp3

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Anonymous said...

Well it was a long time coming. Great all the same. Doing any more?

Anonymous said...

Thank You. I will be checking out the dvd. Is there much difference between the old one and the new one?

Wake Up America said...

Christian, glad to see another episode of Documentally. I happily went down the rabbit hole with David Icke again in part two, but even more glad to have a new episode from you.
Wake Up AM Podcast

Anonymous said...

Yes! Icke is still alive and well and sticking it to them.

Anonymous said...

Make as many podcasts about David Icke and his message, The whole world is on the brink of a fatal disaster. David Icke is an awakened individual who has throu a massive ridicule made his point clear. His message will be an very important awakening for the whole mankind. This is wery serious information. The whole mankind is on the brink of disaster, and an totallitarian microchipped population. In servitude to the illuminati. All enlightened radiostations and podcast outlets must do everything to get out all of Mr David Ickes message to the mankind, the time is very much run up, we are on the last chapter of the whole history of a mankind there free thinking was allowed. read 1984 and his own books and understand the gravity of Mr David Ickes Message. To all of you who may read this information. Mr David Icke lays out the information its up to you what you make of it. And thats will make a difference for the whole mankind, if there will be any. Dont dismiss Mr David icke.