Episode 14 - Don't Dismiss David Icke

David Icke, former sportsman, commentator and now, professional researcher travelling the world giving talks and writing books on who and what is really controlling our world.

His beliefs have made him the subject of ridicule for over 15 years. But has the tide turned?

David Icke is now a highly sought after orator with venues selling out over the world as people pack venues to hear his lectures.

In this podcast I just offer a glimpse into his incredible 6 hour lectures. I made the recordings at Brixton Academy while also taking photos.

Without the visual aspect of his lectures I have had to edit this as many of the references to the screen don't make sense without the pictures.

If you would like to hear more of the lecture please email me at podcast@documentally.com

David Icke's work can be found on www.davidicke.com as can the full DVD set of his lectures.

David Icke is in a situation and needs help, you can find more here... http://www.davidicke.com/content/view/1772/1772/

Listen and watch the mpeg

Listen to the mp3

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Anonymous said...

Please post another podcast. This has really wet my appetite. :)

Anonymous said...

Gimmie gimmie gimmie more :) It was just getting good.

splitting the middle said...

David Icke, the lizard king may have a few issues. While here in the states, with our missing news media, all voices are needed to GET TO THE TRUTH.
please podcast more.......

Anonymous said...

Just listening to the podcast and it ended!
No..no..no. This is not good. I thought David Icke was a nutter (ok, I was told) but all i have heard is common sense.

Please do another one.

Anonymous said...

Hi, fellow Progressive Podcast Network-er Bill here (from the Florida Soapbox)...loved the podcast, more David Icke!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! When is this guy going to be in the States!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. podcast some more!

Anonymous said...

I read the link in your post and it sounds like David is in trouble at the moment.

I have two of his books but i know there are loads out there. Can I support him by buying another book? Or is the money going to go to the guy that is rippping him off?


Christian said...

Hi JT, Davids tour dates are normally on his website DavidIcke.com which is linked in the post.
Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment.
(I should have an answer for you soon Jim)

Christian said...

Hi Jim,
I emailed Pamela (David's Wife) with your question and shhe sent this reply...

"Yes, David is in trouble with everything he has worked the last sixteen years for is in jeopardy of coming to a complete standstill.

Buying his books at the moment is not the best route to help because all the income from sales goes into an escrow account which noone can touch until the legal case is resolved. The books are just about gone. We don't have the money to pay the lawyers to continue the case.... we don't have the money to print the books. If there is anything anyone can do, it is to send in money. The unfortunate necessity David needs to keep going and allowing this information to be available to the public.

Buying the books are the second best support option and the BEST SUPPORT OPTION is to be able to buy the books and contribute financially so long as it comfortable for you to do so. Thank you so very much.

I hope this answers your question.. And thank you for taking the time to comment.

Anonymous said...

that is not the wHOle stORy there are many details left unexPLAiNed but Icke has his pride so you will never know the real story but but yes david icke is in trouble and someone is trying to destroy him because he spoke the truth and he got too big it made them uncomfortable notice this happened in the US? time is here people.

Anonymous said...

This isn't at all strange and difficult to believe. It all makes sense to me. I would love to hear more to see If i can follow it deeper.

I will certainly be subscribing. I don't know why David Icke does not do a podcast. It's not like he hasn't got the material or can't talk.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Draconian said...
> david icke is in trouble

This is true, sadly. For anyone interested in helping to support David Icke, or if you just would like to meet other Icke fans, there is a brand new forum called "Children of the Matrix".

Come pick up a Support David Icke banner for your website, or just join the brainstorming session: http://davidicke.ning.com.

Anonymous said...

There's some audio files I found of David Icke giving an interview, where he talks about the reptilians. I personally think he's onto quite a bit, you're right, definitely do not dismiss David Icke.