Episode 13 - Sail Away

Recently I have been getting away from it all.

So from a mountain villa in Spain I ponder feedback from the last interview.. Talk about a couple of podcasts I really like and introduce you to the ukulele as played by Dr Sparkles in the song 'Sail Away'.

Podcasts I talk a little about can be found here..

The War On Democracy

Citizen Against Lies

Watch It Burn

You can subscribe to them all on itunes, please take a look.

And as I said, the featured song is 'Sail Away' by Dr Sparkles.
Included here by kind permission, please take the time to check out his website and other tunes that you can listen to online!


The lyrics are HERE


Anonymous said...

Awesome song! I have never heard anything like it.

Looks like i will have to keep playing your podcast till i get the cd.

Wake Up America said...

Hello Christian, I've been meaning to drop you a note. I've enjoyed several of your podcasts now and am a dedicated listener. I too am part of the Progressive Podcast Network. We do a podcast called Wake Up AM. I've been trying to listen to all our members, and I'm getting there.
I also listened to the podcast roundtable you participated in over at the War On Democracy. I was wondering if you could fill me in again on the name of that US Air Force base in the UK that is avoiding US law to spy on us when you get the chance. (Or perhaps I should just ask them directly right now if they are reading this.) Scary times, but I am glad to be associated with you and the other members of our little endeavor to oppose them.
I too am very excited about this medium of podcasting and the opportunity it provides to communicate freely on a more intimate level. I only hope we can hold on to it.
Wake Up AM(erica)

Christian said...

Hi Brian,
Thanks for the comment.

The base i was talking about was Menwith Hill.

Here are a few links you might want to check out: