Welcome Potential Listener

Welcome to the new 'Documentally' podcast...

It's a full flavoured audio/visual production with photos and interviews.

Although it can be enjoyed on both your computer in quicktime or within itunes and the latest video ipods, if you want to download the lo-fi files you can also enjoy on a standard mp3 player.

About twelve episodes are planned but if there is interest there could well be more.

When not at the computer I will be out and about with a pocket digital recorder sticking it in the faces of the unsuspecting public and hoping to shed a glimmer of light on the workings of the average everyday persons mind.


masshigher said...

whens the next podcast pal

Christian said...

I should have one on in the next few days. I try to get things on weekly but it depends on how busy my not so busy life is.. Ok then... If i can be arsed. :)