Episode 34 - Undercover Underpaid

Shhh.. I am on a stake out..
An uncommon moment where I take time out from my nearly normal format and ask for feedback from anyone that has the time to have an opinion on which direction my podcast should meander next.

And with some of my own big ideas on the horizon, I also come close to begging for sponsorship so I can put them into action. I'd be happy with some feedback and perhaps one big fat life changing cheque though.. :)

Please feel free to comment me or email...

If you have not subscribed to the podcast (free) in Itunes already, you can listen to the mp3 here


Cornishwomble said...

Great show but for some reason it cut out after 19 minutes! I'mdying to know, did you get your man or didhe not get up and was it a wasted night?
For some reason Skype doesn't recognise Documentally as a user name. What am I doing wrong!!!

Christian said...

Hi, thanks for the comment! :)
That was the whole podcast I am afraid.. I wanted to try a podcast without all the whistles and bells.. I was also reluctant to give too much away from the case but yes.. It all kicked off after 9am and I had enough evidence by lunchtime.. The bloke is a serial scammer and his actions were forcing a company to make decent folk redundant.. If you want to know more drop me an email. As far as skype goes.. try documentally without the capital 'D' or email me and i will add you. Cheers.

Cornishwomble said...

What;s your e-mail addy again? do i have to do it through blogger? you don't get many characters to play with on there

Have added you on skype now!

Christian said...

Hi It's podcast (at) documentally.com


Macy said...

Awsome stuff. Just found this and have been trawling through your past work. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey

How about some analysis of the coming economic meltdown?

Don't worry bout it if economics is too black an art for you to fathom.

Christian said...

I will get right on it.. As soon as I can get over my own mini economic melt down..

And don't worry about me understanding it.. You think I have understood any of the topics covered so far..? :)

James said...

Hi Christian

What happened to "The Perfect Prison" post ? And have are you going to stay with Blogger then.


Christian said...

Hi James, What do you mean.. I can see the post.. can you not..?
Yes i am thinking about moving to word press but i have alot on at the moment.. :) cheers for the comment.

james said...

I can view it now, that was really odd, from about 9am till about 12ish i could not view it :S