Episode 06 - Ken Dodd & Spacemen 3

For this podcast we are in the company of Will Carruthers, musician, fugitive, amateur botanist and if you don't buy his new album... Creative accountant.

Ken Dodd and Spacemen 3 are some of the topics discussed and to top it all there is an acoustic version of 'Van Fever Incident'.

Will's site is at WillCarruthers.com where you can also find all the details of his new album 'Home Improvement For Condemned Buildings.'

Listen and watch the mpeg

Listen to the mp3


Manxboy said...

Man, is that song on the album!

Christian said...

Hi, No the song in the podcast is just an impromptu rendition of another one of Will's songs 'Van Fever Incident'.

It was just played into a little condenser mike i was holding so please excuse the quality.

Don't worry, the songs on Will's new album are engineered and produced to perfection. :)

Maz said...

Quality interview.
I really hope will was not serious about being an accountant!
Although if he did i bet he would only last a day before he killed someone.
He sings about much better things than number crunching.

will said...

I fucking well am serious ....extremely serious .
It's gonna be great .
I'm already writing songs about it .
the first one is called "one "
the second one is gonna be called "two"
and so on ....
they are hymns to the poetry of numbers and their power to uplift the human spirit.
Rock on .
thanks for the kind words .

Rob said...

Well Hey.. I'll Buy that for a doller!
(What's the tax on that?)


Manxboy said...

Do you know where I can get the song 'VFI' ?

Hi Will ! , (if that is you). :)

Mags said...

I have listened to the interview twice now.

Is the song a true story?

Mags x

TJ said...

Don't Do it Man ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Accountancy that is.

A top creative mind, a former member of the movement sm3 jacks in the music to tell people how much money they are earning?

It just doesn't add up.

Anonymous said...

Wotcha Will,

Great interview, I'm looking forward to the new cd. Have you got a release date?


Jose said...


You are a mad man. :)


masshigher said...

will...tut tut....you should stop winding up the staff at small non smoking clubs by smoking in them......aind playing porno music fun mate....we must do it again soon and ill get you all the jelly you need....
peace pal

john donner said...

Will, Are you going to tour with the new tunes?

john donner

Anonymous said...

any chance we can get a text version of the interview? this podcast stuff is too fancy for me. cheers!

Christian said...

I would gladly post a transcript of the interview on the site if anyone cared to type it all up. There are alot of words spoken and I am not the kind of typer that could do it this year.

Are you sure you can't click the 'listen to the mp3' link on the bottom of the post and listen to it?

will said...

blimey ...form an orderly queue .
tax ...I dunno , ...how about ...eight quid ?That sounds fair .
Tax the addicted ..bleed the afflicted ...that's my motto .
Vfi ..I recorded a new version of that with Mark Refoy on guitar and stamping .
It seemed fitting as he was in the van on the fateful night I made my desperate bid for freedom .
and yup ..it's as true as a story can be .It'll be available for download soon .there is an old version that is still up at this address...http://www.willcarruthers.com/garden/ also ..some nice recipes .
I'm getting the albums through this week .. and hopefully they'll be up for sale next week ,as soon as I've painted and decorated them .
Touring ...well , hmm , I did a couple of gigs in Northampton and one in Hinkley .
Got any little acoustic singer nights you know of? ...always up for them .
I would like to get a band together and do some "proper "gigs ...but it's just a matter of when .
Thanks again for the interest .
Maybe I'll hold off on the accountancy for a little while .
Cheers Christian

Tom said...

Gig! gig! gig! And bring some CD's!

All the best, Tom.

Mags said...

Thanks Will,
I'll be looking out for gig dates on your site.

Mags x

tree said...

dear will....can i be in your band or support you in the pub etc... i have a wah wah peddle and a rat and thinking about getting a guheetar to use them on...
my bands called the Treehouse porno blues experiment and i recently played hinkley too infront af all the barstaff and the chef...there was a guy on bass...but i forget his name and a bloke on the drums and harp...but then the bass player wanted to take his clothes off and it all got a bit rock'n'roll for me..... so i had to leave as i was driving 2 mates home so they could go to bed (alone)....ive always wanted to be a pop star (just like robbie williams is)....and i hear you can make almost £32 a day and use bannana condoms....

GRDR said...

Check you out man.

We thought you were dead.

Do more interviews and stop being a recluse.

We look forward to the new tunes.

Ross said...

Hi all,
I am new to this podcasting movement but love this.
I will be sure to be checking out some more music. Thank you.

Suzy-U said...

Great interview!
Cool tune. i for sure will be buying the new album. I think will's stuff is a wonderful continuation of past sounds. I think it is just amazing that members of spacemen 3 are still alive and creating such amazing bodies of work.

Will has got to be one of the most creative.
Creep creep.. :o)

Will.. Do you think you will ever make any t-shirts?